Abacus For You Ltd has been working for Streamline (Northern) Ltd for the past eighteen months.

In that time we have had a very close working relationship; we have found abacus to be very reliable, professional, and confident in every aspect of their work.

All accounts, payroll and any other issues throughout that period have been successfully completed and dealt with.

Abacus have worked with our company as it has grown and developed and have continually advised us throughout to meet all our business needs.

We would confidently recommend Abacus to any business for all your financial requirements.

Jeannine Collister · Director
Streamline (Northern) Ltd

When Brookdale Developments were looking for a book-keeper we intended to recruit someone as an employee. Then Abacus approached us and we instantly saw the benefits of outsourcing.

Abacus provides us with just the hours we need which keep our costs low. We can change the hours and days they work to meet our business requirements.

Since Abacus started as our book-keeping service they have also taken on our VAT returns, payroll and year end accounts. They have also liaised with our old accountants to bring our accounts up to date.

I would recommend Abacus to any business which needs help with their accounts; they offer the flexibility you need with the expertise to provide a great service.

G W Gardner · Managing Director
Brookdale Property Developments