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The Accountancy Magazine - The Friday interview by Emily Beattie, 13th Nov 2009

Joanne Garner is director of Abacus, an accountancy firm based in Davenham, Cheshire.

What was your first pay cheque?

First full time pay cheque was approx £400

What did you spend it on?

Blew it on new clothes and a meal out with friends

Dining out or entertaining at home?

Dining out – someone else gets to do the clearing up!

Most expensive thing ever bought?

Other than my house and car – which I don’t really own yet – my husband’s watch for his engagement present.

Best bargain ever had?

God that’s a toughie – a free climbing frame for the kids off

One luxury you’re going without during the credit crunch?

Nothing really – business is going really well. But haven’t used my ironing service as much this year.

Best money saving tip?

Don’t go shopping when bored, stressed or angry – always spend far too much just to feel better.

One thing you shouldn’t buy but always do?


Your favourite currency and why?

The pound of course – proud to be British, however I love Paris so the Euro is a close second.

Best way of spending money on a rainy day is…

A coffee with friends at Costa.

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