About Abacus for You Ltd

Joanne GarnerI set up Abacus For You in 2007 after working as a bookkeeper part time whilst looking after my two children. During this time I realized that the standard of bookkeeping varied dramatically and I wanted to provide a first class service to small and medium sized businesses in and around Cheshire.

My career in finance started out when I gained a BA (Hons) in Accountancy and Finance where I specialized in forensic accounting. I then progressed through various companies ranging from Adidas, FMC, Holt Lloyd, M&S Finance and Astra Zeneca. Each position gave me an insight in to the requirements of businesses with regard to management information and cash flow analysis.

These fantastic experiences gave me the chance to take my dream job of working as Finance Manager onboard The Royal Yacht Britannia, a 5 star tourist attraction in Edinburgh. I was the Finance Manager there from the start of the project through to the move to its new home at Ocean Terminal shopping centre.

During my time at Britannia I had to establish all the financial procedures and systems to get the operation working smoothly and effectively. I reported departmental balances to the managers and presented information to the Board and the Trustees. Management information was vital to ensure that the corporate events and the visitor attraction revenues were profitable and sustainable. I also assisted with the hand over of the retail shop and cafe from outsourced providers to internal departments which greatly enhanced the profitability of the business.

I would like to use my knowledge and experiences to help companies improve their financial reporting and systems, which in turn will help them achieve a successful and profitable business.

Joanne Garner · Abacus For You Ltd